Development Pipeline

Development Pipeline Overview

Our proprietary technology platform can be used to make a Navacim directed toward any autoimmune disorder where disease pathogenesis is associated with an identifiable autoreactive, or self-antigen — in other words all conventionally classified autoimmune disorders and many others, including cancer. In most diseases there are multiple self-antigens to choose from, though not every antigen is present in every patient and some are far more common than others. An appropriately designed Navacim for a given disease contains an antigenic determinant that encompasses the widest possible patient population.

The accompanying table shows our progress to date and the clinical indications of immediate interest. Our most advanced program is in Type 1 Diabetes (T1D), followed very closely by Multiple Sclerosis and two liver autoimmune diseases. Ongoing research and testing of additional experimental Navacims is also underway in other autoimmune and chronic inflammatory diseases.